2024 World Championships
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
March 18-24, 2024

Competitive History

2023-2024 Season (Senior)

–World Championships (Montreal, Quebec) – TBD
–U.S. Championships (Columbus, Ohio) – 3rd
–NHK Trophy (Osaka, Japan) – 5th
–Grand Prix de France (Angers, France) – 5th
–Lombardia Trophy (Bergamo, Italy) – 4th

2022-2023 Season (Senior)

–U.S. Championships (San Jose, California) – 8th
–Golden Spin of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia) – 1st
–Grand Prix Espoo (Espoo, Finland) – 5th
–Skate Canada International (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) – 5th
–U.S. International Classic (Lake Placid, New York, USA) – 3rd

2021-2022 Season (Senior)

–World Championships (Montpellier, France) – 5th
–Four Continents Championships (Tallinn, Estonia) – 12th
–U.S. Championships (Nashville, Tennessee) – 5th
–Rostelecom Cup (Sochi, Russia) – 7th
–NHK Trophy (Osaka, Japan) – 11th
–Finlandia Trophy (Espoo, Finland) – 14th
–U.S. International Classic (Norwood, Mass.) – 4th
–Cranberry Cup International (Norwood, Mass.) – 8th

2020-2021 Season (Senior)

–U.S. Championships (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 8th
–Skate America (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 9th

2019-2020 Season (Senior)

–Four Continents Championships (Seoul, South Korea) — 11th
–U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina) — 7th
–Golden Spin (Zagreb, Croatia) — 6th
–Cup of China (Chongqing, China) — 8th
–Skate Canada International (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada) — 4th
–Autumn Classic International (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) — 5th

2018-2019 Season (Junior/Senior)

–Junior World Championships (Zagreb, Croatia) – 8th (won small medal gold for short program)
–U.S. Championships (Detroit, Michigan) – 12th
–Junior Grand Prix Final (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) – 5th
–Inge Solar Memorial, Alpen Trophy (Innsbruck, Austria)  – 6th (Senior)
–Junior Grand Prix – Czech Republic (Ostrava, Czech Republic) – 2nd
–Junior Grand Prix – Austria (Linz, Austria) – 1st
–Philadelphia Summer International (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – 4th (Senior)

2017-2018 Season (Junior)

–Junior World Championships (Sofia, Bulgaria) – 6th
–U.S. Championships (San Jose, Calif.) – 1st
–Junior Grand Prix Final (Nagoya, Japan) – 2nd
–Junior Grand Prix – Poland (Gdańsk, Poland) – 2nd
–Junior Grand Prix – Austria (Salzburg, Austria) – 1st
–Philadelphia Summer International (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – 11th (Senior)

2016-2017 Season (Junior)

–U.S. Championships (Kansas City, Mo.) – 2nd
–Midwestern Sectionals (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – 1st
–Junior Grand Prix- Tallinn, Estonia – 9th

2015-2016 Season (Junior)

–Youth Olympic Games (Lillehammer, Norway) – 7th
–U.S. Championships (St. Paul, Minn.) – 11th
–Pacific Coast Sectionals (Burbank, Calif.)  – 4th
–Southwest Pacific Regionals (Pasadena, Calif.)  – 4th

2014-2015 Season (Novice)

–Pacific Coast Sectionals (Spokane, Wash.) – 6th
–Southwest Pacific Regionals (Ontario, Calif.)  – 2nd

2013-2014 Season (Intermediate)

–Southwest Pacific Regionals (Anaheim, Calif.)  – 1st

2012-2013 Season (Juvenile)

–U.S. Junior Championships (Omaha, Neb.)  – 5th
–Pacific Coast Sectionals (Provo, Utah)  – 1st
–Southwest Pacific Regionals – 1st

2011-2012 Season (Juvenile)

–U.S. Junior Championships (East Lansing, Mich.) -16th
–Southwest Pacific Regionals (Culver City, Calif.) – 1st

2010-2011 Season (Juvenile)

–Southwest Pacific Regionals (Burbank, Calif.) – 7th